>>>Bones Wheel – SPF Reflections 54mm

Bones Wheel – SPF Reflections 54mm


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Bones Wheel – SPF Reflections 54mm

The Bones Wheel – SPF Reflections 54mm are part of Bones’ durable Skatepark Formula line are available in a variety of sizes and graphics. Extreme Skates is a proud and authorised dealer for Bones Wheels. Our staff are industry trained in all aspects of Bones products understanding the needs of each skater are unique, so making sure we provide the information required to make informed choices ensuring a positive outcome.


Skatepark Formula™ (SPF) is very high quality urethane specifically formulated to resist flat-spotting on slick or smooth surfaces. This helps in maintaining a higher rebound for a quicker response and a faster roll.

81b Skateboard Wheels have a high resistance to abrasion while not compromising hardness and slide ability. Simply put Skatepark Formula wheels grip better on slick surfaces and are almost impossible to flatspot. They are the fastest, longest lasting wheel on the market today.

You won’t find our Skatepark Formula from any other wheel supplier so get a set and find out for yourself what the word on SPF is all about.


Shore Durometer A Scale is good, but it does not cover the entire range of skate wheel hardness. This is very limited because the scale goes from 1 to 100 and anything over A. 95A does not compute accurately.

Shore Durometer B Scale is perfect for skate wheels because:

  1. It is very similar to the A Scale, but reads 20 points lower, allowing the useful scale to be extended by 20 points. This covers the entire hardness range of skate wheels in one scale. It uses the same soft spring as the A Gauge, but the conical gauge needle of the D Scale.
  2. Because the spring is soft, the B Scale gauge needle does not puncture the skin of the wheel surface. This results in the same reliable reading as the A Scale does.

Shore Durometer D Scale is designed for hard rubbers and rock hard urethanes. Not the soft, bouncy urethanes that are used in skate wheels. It has a very stiff spring behind its sharp conical needle and often punctures the skin of the wheel being measured. This results in a 5-10 points softer reading than is correct. Thus, Shore D Scale should not be used for wheels in the useful skate wheel range.

You can learn more about Bones Wheels SPF’s here:



Wheel CoreNone
Wheel Diameter54mm
Wheel Width36mm
Wheel Hardness81B = 101a
Wheel FormulaSPF
Wheel ColorWhite
Wheel Suggested UseSkateparks
Wheel SurfaceSmooth
Wheel ShapeP2

***photo provided may not display the correct sizing / hardness etc***

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