Bones Bearings – Swiss

The legendary Bones Swiss Bearings are the optimum combination of their Skate Rated™ design and Swiss precision. So they are  manufactured to such a high standard that all other bearings are measured against it. Bones have been preferred by the world’s top professional skaters for more than 24 years. Proven, professional competition-grade speed and durability means Bones Swiss can last several times longer than ordinary ABEC rated bearings.

Bones Bearings Features:

  • Single, removable, non-contact rubber shield – Allows easy cleaning and low friction.
  • High speed nylon ball retainer – Provides added strength and speed.
  • Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream™ racing lubricant.
  • Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant – Provides the best performance and durability possible.
  • Contains:
    • Set of 8 bearings
    • 4 bearing spacers
    • Instructions
    • Sticker

About Bones Bearings

Starting in the early 1980’s Bones Wheel Company started manufacturing bearings. They saw potential in the market to be able to provide skateboarders with high-quality affordable bearings. Working with Swiss and Chinese manufacturers, Bones perfected the market. Since then Bones has created an empire. Now almost every skateboarder has ridden their affordable bearings. While those chasing the best of the best are provided the top of the market in their Swiss Ceramics.

See how to look after you Bones Bearings here:

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