Baus Sunglasses – Sinatra

The Baus Sinatra Sunglasses are stylish and extremely light weight, so they’re super comfortable to wear. Baus Sunglasses are a creation of  a local Brisbane skater / entrepreneur who wants to make a difference by creating a functional stylish product for skaters to wear. We are so proud to support a local skater seeking to make his way in the business world.

These Baus sunglasses have been designed with a a category 3 rating from the Australian and New Zealand classification standards of sunglasses and fashion. The lenses in all their sunglass range are “Carl Zeiss” CR39 with UV400 Protection. So your eyes are protected from both UVA and UVB rays. Also, each pair of Baus sunglasses comes with a stylish bamboo case and a microfibre cloth to clean your lenses with.

Baus Sunglasses Features:

  • Carl Zeiss CR39 Lenses
  • Bamboo Case
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • UV400 Protection

About Baus

Baus Headwear and Sunglasses are a trendy Aussie brand. They formulated on a crisp Christmas day in 2015 and born as a company in 2017. They offer a huge range of sunnies, hats, and accessories. All Baus sunglasses offer UV400 protection, so you can expect to be safe from both UVA and UVB rays as standard with these sunnies. Plus we reckon they look pretty good too. Baus headwear has a range, Lil Baus, that is made especially for the younger generation. You’ll find their entire range of hats, snap backs, and beanies for kids and adults. Their team includes names like Adam Dawes, Brad Saunders, James Briody, and Jett Stanton.

Why not complement your stylish sunglasses with a Baus Cap!

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