Atom Backpack XL

Extreme Skates is proud to stock the Atom Backpack XL. The Atom Backpack has a ventilated outer pocket for storing skates and sweaty clothes. It can hold a ton of gear, including separate helmet compartment along with smaller compartments designed for skate tools and bearings. Need a pocket for your smart phone… no problem! Luigino included a felt pocket to protect your smaller gadgets. All in all, this pack has 4 smaller pockets, a helmet compartment, a larger area for wheels, or any other Luigino apparel you might have and a computer pocket (accessible from the side of the bag or the inside).


  • 4 small pockets,
  • Helmet compartment
  • Larger area for wheels
  • Computer pocket
  • Heavy duty zippers
  • Heavy duty shoulder straps and handle on top.
  • Perfect for roller derby or inline skating.

Extreme Skates recommends having fun but we encourage safety – Always wear protection – Check out our helmets & pads.

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