Arbor Complete Longboard – Mindstate 37.5″ Flagship

The Mindstate 37.5″ is an Arbor Collective longboard that’s both beautiful and sustainably built. Part of their Flagship series, it blends the extended wheelbase of a pintail with a drop-through mount for a stable ride with easier push and turning.

What makes Arbor longboards unique?

Firstly, all Arbor longboards are made with renewable materials from sustainable forests. Secondly, a portion of every sale is donated to the preservation of indigenous forests. Additionally, all wood by-product created during production are either reclaimed or reused. Lastly, every aspect is painstakingly considered, from the shape of the board to the size of the trucks,

Part of the Solstice series, the Mindstate 37.5″ has a low centre of gravity for increased stability at high speeds. Drop-through trucks allow for better weight distribution so you get a more stable ride. Because the 78a Duro wheels are soft and grippy with a larger shape, they’re perfect for carving and cruising. Bumpy rides are also dampened due to the Abec 7 bearings and Momentum Core. The sturdy 8 Ply Hardrock Maple deck is complimented  by premium Red Gum wood finish and ultra clear re-grit grip that keeps the natural grain on show. The Mindstate 37.5″ is a sustainably built board that offers an easy push and controllable cruise.

Arbor Complete Longboard Features:

  • Series: Flaghsip
  • Style: Mindstate
  • Length: 37.5″
  • Width: 9.375″
  • Wheel base: 27.375″
  • Deck: 8 Ply Hardrock Maple with a Premium Red Gum Wood Finish Ply
  • Wheels: Size: 69mm // Durometer: 78a
  • ABEC 7 Bearings with Spacers
  • Paris Reverse 50 degree / 180mm Trucks
  • Reverse Kingpin
  • Grip: Recycled Glass Re-Grit

Arbor Certified Complete Skateboards

Certified Arbor Completes come fully assembled. Built using high-end components that complement the performance and geometry of each shape. Certified completes include Arbor Wheels, Double Shield ABEC 7 Bearings, Paris Trucks, and of course a handmade Arbor deck. Each complete considers all aspects of shape. From the angle, geometry, and size of the trucks, to the size, shape, and durometer of the wheels. Even the hardness and rebound of the bushings and the placement of wheel wells. Above all, you know you can rely on an Arbor board.

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