Bones Bearings Abec vs. Skate Rated™

Have you ever wondered about the ABEC rating of our Bones Bearings? Here's the scoop – Bones Bearings are Skate Rated™, not ABEC rated.

Since 1981, Bones Bearings have been the top choice for professional skaters, renowned for their unmatched speed, quality, and durability. Unlike other bearings, Bones Swiss, our legendary line, doesn't adhere to the ABEC rating system. Why? Because the ABEC standards, developed for industrial use, don't address the unique demands of skateboarding.

Skating speeds rarely exceed 30 MPH, rendering super-high precision unnecessary. The ABEC rating only focuses on certain dimensions and tolerances, ignoring crucial factors like impact resistance, materials, lubrication, and ball retainer design. At our Brisbane skate shop, we prioritize real-world performance over arbitrary ratings.

Choosing an ABEC-7 or 9 bearing for skating is like entering an Indy car in the "Baja 500" – it's not designed for the terrain. Our Bones Bearings, including Bones Swiss and Bones REDS, are meticulously crafted for skating, surpassing standard ABEC-rated bearings. We've redesigned every component, from the ground up, to meet our Skate Rated™ specifications.

Bones Bearings endure the challenges of hard landings, sharp turns, and the gritty skate environment. Forget generic ABEC ratings – our Skate Rating™ signifies superior quality, engineered exclusively for skaters like you. Elevate your ride with Bones Bearings – available now at our Brisbane skate shop!