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Build you custom dream skateboard now!
Just setup with our Skateboard Builder!



Pick the parts. We build it free. Easy.

1 – Click a part below and browse until you find the item you want in your setup.
—-> Some items require you to choose an option (eg. Grip tape, size etc)

2 – Click Review Configuration.

3 – Repeat the process 1 and 2 for the other parts.

4 – Click ADD TO CART below the price.

5 – If you change your mind just click Change

6 – Click the cart link on the top right (trolley icon).

7 – Click View Cart or Checkout, Bang – you’re all set.

Note: We do not accept returns on assembled/gripped custom completes, because the assembled items are no longer new.

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Skateboard builder is an great way for you to build your custom dream skateboard. Every skater loves to have their very own personal set up making their custom skateboard unique and specific to their own skating needs.

Follow these easy steps to use build your own skateboard feature.

  1. Pick your deck  then click  – “Review Configuration”
  2. Pick your trucks then click – “Review Configuration”
  3. Pick your wheels then click – “Review Configuration”
  4. Pick your bearings then click – “Review Configuration”

UPGRADE – you can change parts at upgrade cost shown on the selection below and add them to your Cart.
Now, just setup with our Skateboard Builder.

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