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Skateboard Hardware

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      Skateboard hardware includes a range of products such as mounting hardware, skate tools and allen keys, bearing cleaners, axle nuts, bearing spacers, axle washers or speed rings, and cup washers. At Extreme Skates we stock all the hardware required to keep your skateboard well maintained or fix any issues.

      Regular maintenance is highly recommended as a worthwhile investment to keep your set up fresh. Not a fan of pulling bearings out and getting greasy? We can do it for you. Simply drop your board off to our shop in Milton, Brisbane and we’ll give your board a service, so you can pick it up and keep rolling.

      Servicing aside, it’s handy to have skate tools readily available so you can adjust your bushings, change wheels or make any other changes you need. Having spare parts handy can mean your back up and running instantly rather than waiting til you can order your skateboard hardware online or drop by the store. Talk to the team at Extreme about which tools and parts are useful to keep available at home and how often you should service your set up.