Skateboard Grip Tape

At Extreme Skates we have a great range of Skateboard Grip Tape to keep you stuck to your board better than ever! Grip Tape is an absolute must for all skateboarding styles if you want to stay on your board! The surface is like sandpaper, while underneath is very sticky to adhere to your boards surface. Applying grip tape is a very easy process, but it’s crucial to getting your board ready for the streets or ramps. Unlike wheels, decks, and bearings, there is no scale to measure the quality of grip tape, so most skaters make their choice according to branding or whichever style they prefer the look of. You’ll find a great range of styles and colours to add a little personality to your set up at Extreme. If you want to keep things simple you can stick with black or gun metal grey and keep your skating style on the DL. Shop your favourite brands including Diamond Supply Co., Grizzly, Black Magic, Kung Fu Grip, and more below or come in store to check out the range.