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      Inline Skates For Adults | Adult Rollerblades

      For many years, inline skates have been the most popular type of skate on the market. We stock a wide range of inline skates for men, women and children here at Extreme Skates. Otherwise known as roller blades, we have quality inline skates adults will enjoy wearing for fitness skating, speed skating, urban skating, off-road skating, commuter skating. Of course, we also have the accessories and parts to match! Get on a roll with a new pair of inline roller skates from Extreme Skates.

      Buying Roller Blades Online

      Not sure what type of adult rollerblades or inline skate you’re after? The Extreme Skates team prides themselves on giving you the information you need to make your own choice when choosing your skates. Here are some things to consider when choosing inline skates. First, you need to know your end goal. Do you want to skate long distances, go fast, or enjoy a leisurely skate along the footpath? What you want to achieve is very important, as it will determine what product will deliver the outcomes you want. You can read more about how to choose inline skates and roller blades online here.

      Stay Safe On Your Skates

      Protective gear is a key element for having fun while skating. It gives you the freedom to take that jump, go for the bigger pipe, or give that hit because you know your gear is there to back you up. We stock every kind of protective gear that skaters require from mouth guards and helmets to wrist, knee, and elbow pads. We take pride in stocking trusted brands including TSG, Triple 8, S1, Bauer, 187 and more. You’ll find all your safety gear needs to be met at Extreme Skates, either here online or in-store.