We are currently experiencing pricing issues on a number of our Quad and Inline products. We are working to fix this issue and if the price of a product does not look right please contact us. Thank you for your understanding as we get our store back to normal. :)


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      Extreme skates has created a great deal for anyone who appreciated the importance of having quality skate decks and trucks that come with a proven performance, relability and the lateset technology in skateboarding manufacturing 

      This package includes the following 

      1. Select a deck from the selection

      2. Select your set of  Independent Trucks listed

      = the following discounts.

      $140.00 = $40.00 OFF 

      $130.00 = $35.00 OFF

      $120.00 = $30.00 OFF

      $110.00 = $25.00 OFF

      $100.00 = $20.00 OFF

      Our industry trained staff are all skaters with a lot experience, and are more than happy to assist, please don't hesitate to call us on 1300 318 011