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The mantra of Stance Socks is “The Uncommon Thread”, which is how the founders have created a brand out of socks and made them into a desired accessory, rather than just a necessity that comes with putting shoes on.

In less than five years, Stance Socks have given this small section of apparel it’s own life. Stance created a movement of art and self-expression by sharing their passion with a unique group of cultural influencers including athletes and performers that they call the Punks and Poets.

With a steady base of backers, they went full steam ahead with a unyielding focus on innovation that has rewarded them with the brands unbelievable popularity – especially in the skate industry.

You’ll find Stance’s range of socks in over 40 countries, as well as our very own Extreme Skates store. Browse the range online or visit our store to see the difference of the uncommon thread in person if you dare to be different.