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Sector 9 Longboards

Extreme Skates stock a range of Sector 9 Longboards who produce the highest quality longboards for a range of styles. You will find complete longboards, decks, trucks and wheels. Check them out in store or online now!

The history of Sector 9 Longboards started in La Jolla, San Diego, California where the founders had a house full of good friends, a half pipe, pool table, ping pong table and shaping room with good proximity to smooth hills.

One friend referred to the house hold residents as nineballs and one day called the house to leave a message asking what what happening at ‘Sector 9’. Which to him meant the house of nineballs.

The group were putting the finishing touches on a new board they’d built and heard the phone message and liked the sound of Sector 9 – the rest is history! Plenty of curve balls and a few evictions later, the team had their first warehouse and were producing longboards like pros.