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Our team at Extreme Skates are authorised dealers of Remz Skates. As a result you’ll find both a great range of inline skates as well as expert advice and professional fittings in our Brisbane Skate Store.

Check out our great range by visiting our team at Parkview Street, Milton. You can also check out our Remz Skates online below and take advantage of free shipping to your front door on orders over $300.

Remz Skates Overview

Remz Skates feature a streamlined design that we think is awesome, due to the high impact shock absorber, one piece soul frames, and the ergonomic liner in the new models.

The aggressive skates line also include a new ankle strap system that offers a snugger fit to allow you to let loose.

Are you unsure what inline skates you’re looking for? Read the owners article on How To Choose Inline Skates.

We love fun, but safety comes first. Make sure you have the proper protective gear, because no one likes being in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks!