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A North American brand, Rayne Longboards are a premium manufacturer of carving, freeride, dancing, downhill and freestyle longboards. As Australia and Brisbane’s favourite local skate shop you’ll find a great range of Rayne boards at Extreme Skates online and in our Milton store.

Rayne Longboards are built using ecofriendly materials to create a sustainable board that is reliable, durable, and rides like a dream.

There are many subtle differences between longboard builds that completely change the way a board will feel and perform. Rayne boards have several varies including Direction Shape which are made to travel in one direction which is perfect for carving, cruising and speed. Symmetrical Shape boards are made to give a balanced ride no matter what’s going on up top. Finally there are flex patterns including elasta flex which is great for style turns and pumping, firm flex for thrashing and drifting, and speed stiff so you don’t get bounced off your board.

If you’re unsure which Rayne Longboard will suit your riding style chat to our team at Extreme Skates, we pride ourselves on being able to answer your questions, so you can make an informed choice.