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At Extreme Skates we have you covered for all of your Powerslide products for inline skating, roller skating, skateboarding & scooters as well as accessories.

As an Authorised dealer our entire Extreme Skates team are qualified and industry trained to fit you with the perfect boot to meet your skating needs.

We take pride in providing our customers with the confidence to make their own decisions. We do this by empowering our customers with our knowledge of the Powerslide product range and the customisation options available.

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You can see our range of skates, scooters, accessories and more online below or come in store for a chat with our friendly team.

If you aren’t sure which size suits you best please call us on 1300 318 011 we are all here happy to help.

Powerslide History

The brand was founded in 1994, while for some of us that only feels like last week, Powerslide is 24 this year! Back in the 90’s the vision was simple: high quality products for all types of skating. It hasn’t strayed much since then.

The range proudly includes all varieties of skating including, Tri skating, fitness skating, speed skating, aggressive inline skating, off-road skating, power skating, urban skating, inline hockey, roller skating, roller derby, speed skating, as well as scooters and skateboards.

Covering such a large range of hobbies and sports, the product lines are almost infinite! Some include:Swell Skates, Phuzion, Doop, V., Wave, Core Icon, TripleX, Infusion, World Cup, Grand Prix, Marathon, Destiny, Tau, Kaze, Hardcore Evo, Imperial, Metropolis, Khaan, Grave Digger, Kaze SUV 150 to XC Skeleton Pro, and more – here at Extreme we have them all.