As an authorised dealer of Powerdyne you’ll find the largest range of their plates both online and in store at Extreme Skates!

From the original and old school revenge Powerdyne plate to the newest Arius plate with upgraded technology you’ll find the perfect plate to suit your skating style. Not sure which one is for you? Our team pride themselves on giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. You can also test the plates out in our store to get a feel for them.

Our recommendation is the latest Arius plate, it is lighter, stronger, reactive, durable, manoeuvrable and more efficient than other plates. The key to the revolutionary new design is simplicity. Powerdyne removed parts that were inefficient to give you their final, improved product unlike any other roller skate plate.

Powerdyne History

Powerdyne is the child of Riedell, the most famous roller skate brand in history. Riedell was created in 1945 in Minnesota by Paul Riedell who took his love of roller skating and created a business from it. Over the years his brand grew due to the excellent quality of his skates and he continued to expand his business, known for quality, to wheels and plates to provide an entire, high quality product.