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Nike SB

Extreme Skates, the home of all things skating has your favourite Nike SB gear from the latest shoes to caps, backpacks, socks, beanies and more.

One of the most prominent brands in the world, Nike created the SB brand specifically for skaters as they require a higher level of durability, completely different style and the type of comfort is different to regular footwear.

A rocky start to the brand saw them make several changes to perfect the art of skate apparel and now they’re a skater favourite. You can find Nike SB products here at Extreme Skates so you can skate and ride all day with quality gear.

Nike SB History

Since 1997 Nike commenced production of its own line of skate-specific products after noticing a high demand in the area. Why not perfect it? Nike adding the SB in 2002 when the brand became cemented as a skaters choice of footwear for tricks, downhill and more. In 2004 Paul Rodriguez and Lewis Marnell came on board as brand ambassadors and the rest is history!