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Meow Skateboards

Meow Skateboards has taken on the impressive job of developing creative products to support the female skate community.

Founded by Lisa Whitaker in 2012, Meow have focused on decks and apparel that feature their famous cat logo as well as other variations of awesome cat cartoons.

All their decks are high quality, uniquely hand crafted from 7 ply maple. As well as adorning their boards with cats, the brand as taken on a feminine aspect to their colour scheme and graphics. This can also be seen in their range of apparel and accessories.

Meow Skateboards Team

  • Vanessa Torres
  • Lacey Baker
  • Mariah Duran
  • Kristin Ebeling
  • Shari White
  • Nika Washington
  • Annie Guglia
  • Savannah Headden
  • Marissa Martinez
  • Keet Oldenbeuving
  • Lore Bruggeman
  • Liv Lovelace
  • Nanaka Fujisawa
  • Amy Caron