Madrid Skateboards

Made in the USA, Madrid Skateboards are a popular choice for those who love a concave shape as well as some celebrity endorsement. Madrid Skateboards were the boards featured in Back to the Future and ridden by Marty McFly.

The brand has also worked collaboratively with Vans to create a Vans x Madrid Fly Shoe which was Vans very first co-branded skate shoe.

Madrid has managed to keep up with the times being featured in the insanely popular Netflix Original TV Series, “Stranger Things”.

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The Madrid Skateboards History

The company was founded by Jerry Madrid in his parents garage in Southern Cali. When the waves weren’t good enough to surf, he would stay home and begin shaping skateboards. He developed some of the very first concaves to hit the streets before going onto his famous collaborations that sent him and the brand soaring into the international limelight.