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K2 Inline Skates have been developed for men, women and children to enjoy a range of inline activities from fitness to protective gear to parks and rails.

One of the oldest inline skate brands, K2 have spent years developing and innovating skates, with their most recent release – the TRIO being a hit. The three wheel inline market is in demand currently, so the bar was set high. K2 created the TRIO in response to this market demand, inspired by their brand ambassadors.

K2’s traditional four wheel inlines are also hugely popular, built to be incredibly versatile and durable to give long lasting performance no matter where you are skating.

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K2 Sports History

K2 was birthed in 1962 as America’s Ski company based in Washington State, and was renamed in 2003 to K2 sports. Today the company has an international portfolio of renowned brands. Experience matters when it comes to sports equipment!

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