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Jet Longboards believe in the ‘quivers’ rule. Different boards do different things. Behind the scenes at Jets there is around the clock innovation and non stop development on creating new and enhanced boards.

Jet Longboards take advantage of different mould choices, several build types and some of the finest adhesives; they are crafted in the USA using the best woods, and the finest techniques to create fantastic longboarding experiences.

Covering the requirements of the most demanding skaters, freeriders, and downhill experts Jet are constantly evolving their designs to incorporate new technology.

Try out a deck only Jet Longboard or have a complete built for you featuring all of their state of the art components. You’ll find a great range of boards as well as their matching Abec 11 wheels at Extreme Skates below or in store. Talk to the team today about what board would be best for your style.