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Hosoi Skateboards

As an authorised dealer of Hosoi Skateboards, our team at Extreme Skates can give you all the information so you make an informed decision on choosing the perfect board for you.

The Hosoi range includes completes, decks, wheels and apparel.

The History of Hosoi Skateboards

Founded by Christian Hosoi an American pro skater, the brand took form in 1984 and has since risen the bar for technical ability and trick. They managed this feat while not veering from their classic design and old school shape.

Hosoi were the first company to create a deck in the hammerhead shape. Today this design is highly sought after and in demand. With an innovative edge Hosoi branched out into wheels. Now creating some of the best high performance skateboard wheels on the market, boasting a fast and smooth ride.

The wheel design includes a high rebound formula and asymmetrical shape for additional skate control.


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