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Habitat Skateboards

At Extreme Skates we have a large range of Habitat Skateboards in a variety of colours, sizes and graphics.

Our customers love Habitat products because they’re made from high quality components to ensure an enjoyable and responsive ride. Which is why you’ll find them at Extreme.

Origins of Habitat Skateboard Company

As every good skate business should be, Habitat Skateboard Company was founded by skateboarders for skateboarders. The brand creates a range of quality apparel including hats, beanies, socks, hoodies and shirts. They also produce skate parts and accessories such as, wheels, bearings, deck bolts and more.

Originally the company was founded as a sister company to Alien Workshop by Joe Castrucci in 2000.

One of the large differences between the companies is Habitat Skateboards earthy vibe. Habitat has created several eco-friendly decks including both a bamboo deck and a cork & hemp deck! They also use water based ink, glue and clear coats which are far better for the environment. You can also find their line of organic apparel!