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Gold Wheels Co. take a unique approach to skate wheel design with their ethos of not taking life too seriously coming through in their fun designs and awesome quality.

Some of our favourite Gold Wheels Co. designs include Spys Vs. Spy and Loony Tunes, we also love their dabbling in using alcohol brands.

Gold Skateboard wheels feature a thinner design than your standard wheel meaning a narrower contact patches great for technical skating including challenge tricks. These are definitely not the wheels of choice for beginners!

If you’re looking for Gold Wheels check out our online range, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for drop by our Skate Shop or call us on 1300 318 011. We can always order items in for you.

History of Gold Wheels Co.

Born in 1999 the brand represents street style through cartoon graphics synonymous with skate culture. Featuring whacky and fun graphics, Gold Wheels use several different coloured urethanes to create a final design that is sure to impress where ever you skate!

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