Fourstar Clothing

Fourstar Clothing was created in 1992 by skate culture enthusiasts Guy Mariano and Eric Koston. Their vision was to birth a line that gave them the freedom to create the skater-style clothes totally unique to the industry standard. Die hard shop-a-holics the pair believe in skateboarding apparel that fits within the fashion of the culture as well as performs and is durable.

With no previous fashion experience, their success is a true testament to the awesome clothing line and the dedicated following they quickly established. More than 15 years later the brand is showing no signs of slowing down!

The line now includes tees, button up shirts, pants, shorts, hats, beanies, socks, duffels and accessories. You’ll find various graphics including printed text, the logo and colours that mean can have a huge wardrobe with no double ups. Let’s face it, you can never have too many t shirts.

Find the range at Extreme Skates either below or in store in Milton.

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