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Fothon Wheels

Fothon Wheels are the next generation of night skating safety. They are wheels packed with LED lights powered by the kinetic energy of your skating motion. That means no batteries or charging needed!

These inline skate wheels are the perfect way to LIGHT YOUR RIDE so you can have your path illuminated and make others aware of your presence.

Fothon Wheels are available in a range of colours including red, white, green and blue and in all sizes from 72mm to 125mm.

You’ll find them online below or in store at Extreme Skates! You can pair these wheels with additional light up accessories such as LED light tubes and the MYFIT highly reflective laces to ensure you safety while night skating.

Not sure if these are right for you? Or do you simply want help fitting them in your skates? Come in and see our team, we’re happy to advise or just help!

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