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DVS Shoes started as a vision of two skate shop owners who wanted to create shoes specifically for skateboarding. Footwear designed to be grippy and flexible that also looks awesome. So they partnered up with pro skater Tim Gavin and turned their dream into reality.

The result – DVS Shoes. Pioneers in skate shoe technology, today DVS are known for their original style and quality craftsmanship.

They are also so popular due to their superior comfort and they’re designs. Several lines include both shoes with extra padding as well as slim line canvas and suede products.

DVS has since branched out into other sports including motocross as well as other lines including apparel. You’ll find a range of their products at Extreme Skates. Come in store to chat with us or check out the gear below.

DVS Skateboard Team

  • Allan Bogut
  • Corey Huber
  • Walker Ryan
  • Joey Cormack
  • Brad McClain
  • Kerry Getz
  • Matt D’Ambrosio
  • Cody McEntire
  • Julius May
  • Chico Brenes