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Drifter Skateboards

Drifter Skateboards are skater owned and operated and based in Atlanta in the US. The brand specialise in creating private label decks for skate shops and other board companies alongside producing their own completes and decks.

Drifters’ designs, technology, and materials are tried and tested before put into the manufacturing process. This means you know you’re getting something that works!

Underneath the grip tape and awesome graphics, you’ll find a deck made from 100% 7 ply hard rock maple. This ensures they’re an ideal mix of sturdy and responsive to give you the best ride possible.

While the quality materials to build the deck are consistent, the shapes certainly are not! There are over 36 standard skateboard shapes and our team at Extreme Skates can sort out a custom made Drifter skateboard if one of their existing shapes doesn’t get you excited!

As an authorised dealer of Drifter Skateboards, our Extreme Skates team can answer any questions you have and help you decide which skateboard is right for you. Come in store or browse our range online.