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In 2007 the Baker Boys had a deranged child – Deathwish Skateboards. This raw brand features a team stacked with talent, solid boards, and a line of awesome deck graphics.

Manufactured using 7 ply maple, Deathwish boards are strong and durable so you can rely on them to hold up to your rail-chomping, hill-bombing and shredding.

With a huge range of deck designs from neon colours and cheetah patterns to old prints and monster pictures, to their infamous logo, you have plenty to choose from if you want to stand out while boarding.

Mix and match your favourite deck design with different sets of wheels. Not sure what set up you’ll need? Chat to our team at Extreme Skates, we pride ourselves on having great product knowledge and informing you so you can make your own decisions.

Check out our range below or visit us in store!

Deathwish Skateboard Team

  • Erik Ellington
  • Jim Greco
  • Lizard King
  • Jon Dickson
  • Brian ‘Slash’ Hansen
  • Neen Williams
  • Taylor Kirby
  • Jamie Foy
  • Erick Valdez

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