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Caliber Truck Co is a relatively new brand to the big, bad world of skateboarding which makes their popularity and well known status even more impressive.

The ideology behind Caliber is creating simple and uncomplicated skate trucks that are built to work for what you need and last. This brand is not all about the hype and teched out skate trucks, it’s all about getting the basics right with no gimmicks.

With a minimalist approach to creating and designing high-quality skate trucks, Caliber Truck Co provide everything you need and want without the frills.

Check out the range of trucks at Extreme Skates in store or online below!

Have a look at who is on the Caliber Truck Co Team:

  • James Kelly
  • Liam Morgan
  • Brandon Tissen
  • Tyler towley Howell
  • Peter Markgraf
  • Sietse Geesink
  • Ryan Bishop
  • Alicia Fillback
  • Nick Ronzani
  • Cooper Darquea
  • Jordan Riachi
  • Quentin Gachot
  • Miles Parker
  • Brandon Tissen
  • David Rudgers
  • Hans Wouters
  • Noah Fischer
  • Pablo Lopez-Tapia
  • Will Clay