Bont are creators and producers of roller skates, inline skates, ice skates, roller derby skates and more, all of which you will find at authorised dealers including Extreme Skates!

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Roller Derby Skates

You will find a unique and extensive range of roller derby skates at Extreme. Heat mould-able, light-weight, and responsive, these skates are ideal to hit the track in. We even have a vegan boot option for those who prefer not to wear leather.

Inline Skates

An industry leader in skating technology, Bont assists many world champions in reaching the top tier of inline skating.

You can choose between carbon composite or leather boots. Both incorporate the super mould technology making it the most manoeuvrable skate on the market.


As well as leading the market in skate boots, the brand also creates premium accessories including skate bags, bearings, nuts, washers and more.