You could assume after the skating boom in the 1970’s that all skate wheels such as Bones are made more or less equal.

But there are plenty of ways wheels can end up very different. From design and raw materials to manufacturing and quality control, each has a huge impact on the final product and therefore what you can do on your board or skates.

Bones wheels have strict quality control measures in place from sourcing materials through to quality control on the streets. Nothing beats years of experiences and this brand have plenty of that to create a final wheel that has superior quality, performance, and durability.

They aren’t the cheapest wheels on the market, but they are one of the best value wheel lines. The abrasion test shows they can wear whatever you throw at them and not get flat spots on their first trip.

After all what’s the point in buying low cost wheels if they get flat spots on the first day?

Visit the team in store or check out our range of Bones products below, we also stock their clothing and accessories.

Did you know?

Bones were responsible for creating the very first urethane wheel for skating back in the 70’s!