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At Extreme Skates we have Blind skateboards available in many different shapes and sizes. You’ll even find reissues of some of the original boards from the 90’s when the skateboarding was at its peak! This was the era of Blind, they were the most popular brand – mostly due to the insane amount of boards they sold.

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Blind Skateboards History

It all began when the company was founded by Skateboarder and artist Mark Gonzalas in the late 80s. It’s been whispered that this brand is the reason skateboarding is now such a popular and successful activity. Quite the largesse statement!

The Blind Skateboards team grew with pro skateboarders joining Jason Lee joined to ride for Blind including Danny Way and Guy Mariano.

After launching in 1993 the company released their first video showcasing the gravity defying skating skills of Marino and others on their boards.

As boards flew off the shelves, Blind grew. They soon became one of the largest skateboard companies on the market and widened their horizon. Blind Skateboards became producers of other skate products including wheels, bearings and clothing. They became internationally recognised for quality products and commitment to growing and supporting the sport.

In 2010 Blind celebrated 21 years in the skateboard manufacturing industry and started making reissues of the original shapes and graphics – a huge milestone!

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