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Black Label Skateboards

Black Label Skateboards come in a variety of size style and shapes including old skool shape, completes, pool boards, as well as custom options.

Their graphics vary from quirky to traditional so finding a board you like won’t be a problem. If you appreciate style combined with quality then you’ll find Black Label products just right for you.

The range includes skateboard decks, completes, wheels and clothing, check it out below or visit the Extreme Skates team in store.

Black Label Skateboards History

Black Label Skateboards was a dream of a passionate skate, John Lucero who’s ambition saw the brand come to life over 30 years ago!

John demonstrated his commitment to the sport through his dedication to skateboarding through tough times.

He first started out with the Elephant brand, which came about because of a print on his wall of an elephant smelling a flower and from there the brand grew.

Still influenced by his own tastes, the design was upgraded to black label as John liked the look on a drink he was enjoying at the time.

From there a team was created with young skaters whom John nurtured. In return those skaters remained loyal to the Black Label brand, and today they create an insane team.

Black Label Skateboards is also famous for inventing tricks such as no complys and slappieshe as well as the non-popsicle board shape.

John has remained the sole owner and has independently operated Black Label since 1990 and has been a source of inspiration the entire time.