Bionic Skate Equipment

Bionic hit the roller derby market and quickly rose in popularity with a fantastic range of bearings skaters love.

This prompted the brand to create a line of servicing equipment that allows skaters to easily clean their equipment without the usual maintenance hassle.

They have since added some awesome block toe stops and tools to their range and it continues to grow with new products.

You’ll find all Bionic lubrication and cleaning products, tool, and accessories online below or in store at Extreme Skates.

Not sure if Bionic bearings are right for you? Or if you need their speed lube? Feel free to chat with our team on your skate needs. We pride ourselves on giving you all the information, so you can make an informed choice.

We also offer roller skate servicing in our Milton store in Brisbane, so you can drop your skates off and pick them up ready to roll!

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