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Altamont Apparel is another ingenuous brand created by legendary pro skater Andrew Reynolds.


Heading up the design team, Reynolds has created a label that doesn’t just follow trends but creates them.

You’ll find an Altamont wardrobe capsule from various pro skaters on the team inspired by the elements important to that skater, and in Neen’s case also with his awesome artwork. So, when you’re looking for pants, shirts, socks, and other apparel for skating you know Altamont’s lines are perfect, because they are specifically designed by skaters for skates.

One of the elements we love about Altamont are the standardised 3 fits, Slim Straight, Standard Taper, and the Classic straight. The consistency of the system makes buying in store or online easy.

If you’re looking to buy yourself some threads to get ahead of the game, you’ve found them. Checkout our range online or visit us in store at Extreme Skates.

Altamont Team

Pro Team

Dakota Servold

Neen Williams

Amateur Team

Ryan Lay

Chris Wimer

Jason Salillas

Flow Team

Patrick Praman

Victor Aceves

Demarquis McDaniels

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