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Long Board Trucks

Why You Should Buy Long Board Trucks Online from Extreme Skates

Good quality long board trucks are the difference between a boring ride and a GREAT ride. High-quality trucks will outlast every other component of your long board. We offer eleven different long board trucks in a variety of materials and price ranges.

Trucks come with several different functions and capabilities. Some offer greater turning radius. Some offer a variety of mounting patterns. Some can be flipped to provide more stability at speed. Some offer adjustments to customise the feel and balance based on the type of riding or downhill racing the rider may have planned at any given time.

There is lots of information about the characteristics of each long board truck on this website. When you buy long board trucks online, there are three considerations when purchasing any component. Inexperienced component purchasers often request that their components be lightweight, durable and inexpensive. The answer to that request is “Pick any two; you can’t have all three!” If the long board trucks are lightweight and durable, they will not be inexpensive. If they are durable and cheap, they will not be lightweight. If they are lightweight and inexpensive, they will not be durable.

Extreme Skates will help you reach the proper balance between these elements, along with specific characteristics of the trucks when you buy long board trucks online from us. Want the best long board trucks for downhill racing? We can help. Need new trucks so you can put bigger wheels on your long board? We have that covered too! Want a more stable ride at speed without compromising turning radius? Those long board trucks are waiting for you online.

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