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Long Board Wheels

Buy Your Long Board Wheels Online

There are few things in the long board world more confounding to the inexperienced purchaser than selecting wheels for their long board. They often merely ask “What wheels should I buy for my long board?” There are a variety of questions we typically ask to try to help narrow the choices and to keep the customers head from exploding from all of the information and options.

• What type of board and trucks do you have?
• What type of riding do you do?
• Are you looking to upgrade any other components?
• What kind of feel are you seeking?
• Have you ridden anyone else’s board that you liked the feel of the ride? What type of wheels did they have?

Long board wheels come with a variety of different variations. They come in various heights (i.e. the size of the wheel). They also vary by width, contact patch (the area that makes contact with the ground), hub size and setting. They also vary in depth of urethane, colour and edge shape. We offer long board wheels online that cover a variety of these different specifications.

When you buy long board wheels online from Extreme Skate, we offer 85 different long board wheels. They are from three different manufacturers, Abec 11, Omen Free Wheels and Orangatang Wheels. Whatever your particular preference of riding style, feel and budget, we can provide you with several alternatives to select. When you buy long board wheels online from us, we will help you make the best selection. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a member of our staff to get all the answers you need to purchase the perfect wheels.

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