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Powerslide Skates - Swell 100mm Blue
Powerslide Skates - Swell 100mm Blue Powerslide Skates - Swell 100mm Blue Powerslide Skates - Swell 100mm Blue

Powerslide Skates - Swell 100mm Blue

The Powerslide SWELL is a revolutionary inline skate specially designed for intense fitness training.

To deliver a real fitness experience we knew we had to innovate on every level, so we started from scratch. From inside out, every compound has been meticulously redesigned to improve the comfort and maximize the performance. By including only the most essential elements, we created a sophisticated and minimalistic skate yet more efficient and advanced than any other skate available in the fitness segment. We did this by bringing new technologies that had been accessible only to an elite of professional speed skaters.

With the Powerslide SWELL collection a whole new way to experience inline skating is created. It doesn’t only score with its extraordinary design, but also with perfect and comfortable fitting. Our skates are made for fast and intense skating and they will help you unleash your full potential, no matter if you skate for 5 km or 42 km, in perfectly paved tracks and rinks or in the city streets. You will experience skating as you never did before.


The skates are built in a unique and revolutionary manufacturing process. Powerslide SWELL skates come with a built-in liner which makes it the ultimate soft boot skate, providing unparalleled fit as well as being extremely comfortable and responsive.


For first time in a skate we are using a seamless Power knit sock-like upper in four of our models. This makes the boot extremely comfortable, resistant, breathable and lightweight.


The upper is lasted over a lightweight and anatomically shaped plastic shell with integrated ankle padding meaning there is no need for a liner so the upper and lining are a single layer of material.


Made with only the best high quality materials all the Powerslide SWELL skates are meant to last.


To reduce weight, improve stability, manoeuvrability, increase both speed and control as well as to maximize every skating stride, all the Powerslide SWELL skates are TRISKATES (3 wheel skates) which is the future of inline skating.


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