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Franca Baseby (Store Owner) Every Day is a Fun Day

I opened this shop with my oldest son back in 2003 because we wanted to have a family friendly specialty skate store in Brisbane.  Since then I have had all 3 of my boys work with me and help me grow it into the reputable business it is. What a journey it has been. I have learned so much, been constantly challenged but  the biggest personal growth I have discovered “Is never to judge anyone by the way they look.”

Over the years I have had the pleasure of helping many young skaters achieve their goals. Skateboard and long board riders are sponsored not only by Extreme Skates but international companies are  supporting them too.  Inline aggressive skaters (not so big now) and Roller Derby Skaters also have, through sponsorship with Extreme Skates, been supported by international Brands such as Riedell Skates, who support Jambi,  Bont  and Atom support TraumaJunkie,  and Crazy Skates support Dodge N Bolt. I am so proud as are my staff to be able to contribute positively to everyone’s skating goals and life goals too. Because we believe by helping our customers/friends with their skating needs we help them achieve their goals.

Over the years we have had the pleasure in helping many community events, we get involved in the Children’s Christmas Appeal, YMCA and various school fetes to help raise funds. Extreme Skates also sponsors a Ugandan Refugee Family who support children rescued from war lords to grow up in a warm safe environment. Check them out http://www.watoto.com/home they do amazing work.

On a personal note my time away from the shop which isn’t much is spent with my wonderful family and two beautiful dogs Trooper and Noodle who give me so much joy, and my interest in everything Leadership, as I have always so much to learn about being a better leader.

Dale Howe (Store Manager/Sales)

Dale has been a member of Extreme Skates since 2008.
I started working at Extreme Skates after coming by to buy some trucks for my board. All these years later, I am still having a great time. The most rewarding thing for me is getting other people the right parts for their setups. I definitely feel good helping customers put the right deck, truck, wheel and bearing combinations together for their requirements and feel even better when I see them again at the skate park enjoying the gear that I helped them with. Having a rad group of skaters on our team and visiting the skate coaching events that we hold always gets me hyped on the future of the sport.

Working at Extreme Skates has taught me a lot about many different sports. I can build roller skates, fix scooters, recommend the best fit for inline skates as well as grip and build skateboards practically in my sleep. Working in this environment and getting to interact with all sorts of people has definitely broadened my world view. I’m glad to have been able to experience it.

Luke Baseby (Team Manager/Sales) Since 2011


Skate Team:

Alex Fataccioli

Oskar Arbuckle

Longboard Team:

Jordan Riachi [Instagram]

Roller Derby Team:

Shan Jambi Stanton [Facebook] [ Instagram]


Rikki TraumaJunkie Stanton [Facebook]  [Instagram]

I have been playing roller derby for just over 5 years and play for SSRG in Queensland. I love the sport because it’s always challenging and the roller derby community is so fun, friendly and supportive.  I predominantly play as a jammer and for that reason i need reliable gear that can help me with my speed and agility. I skate on the bont vaypour carbon boots, I love the low riding boot and the fact that they heat mold to my feet. I use atom g-rod wheels and really love that i can get a huge amount of speed but with just the right amount of edge for my lateral movement.  I love partner blocking and jamming against really challenging walls. I want to work on my strength as a jammer and my backwards aglity as a blocker.


Shane Kite (Hank Fister) [Facebook]

Belinda Morris (Dodge) [Facebook] [Instagram]

I’m Dodge&Bolt, 2016 will mark my seventh season on skates and I play for SSRG in Queensland. I couldn’t imagine another life. I love skating, the feel of my wheels turning under my feet, rolling with my teammate, the comradery of the derby community. I roll in Crazy DBX5′s with a combination of Rewind and Play wheels, my favourite all-surface wheels that never let me down. I also wear Atom wrist guards, TSG Force 3 knee pads and I’m loving the new Destroyer elbow guards. I protect my head with a Bauer Re-Act hockey helmet. I’m currently working on being a well-rounded member of my team, being able to step in to any role we need at any time. I love skating with Team Extreme and love getting out in the community and working with developing leagues getting off the ground.

Mikaylah Wilke (The Dolly Llama) [Facebook]