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Looking for Inline Skates Online? Check out Extreme Skates for Deals on Men's, Women's, and Kid's Skates!

If you take inline skating seriously, then you already know the importance of having good quality equipment. No matter if you are looking for men's inline skates online or women's inline skates online; you will find all you need on our ...read more .



Keeping Alive the History of Longboard Skateboards, Extreme Skates Is the Destination to Buy Longboards Online In Australia



You can buy longboards online in Australia at Extreme Skates, Brisbane's premier online skateboard shop. The longboard has been around for quite a long time and has a unique history in the sport of skateboarding. As a sport, it ...read more .



Take Pride in Your Ride, Buy Skateboards Online from Extreme Skates



There is no substitute for quality service, and Extreme Skates gives you the tools you need to have confidence in your ride. From beginner to pro skater decks, longboards, cruisers and a large range of complete skateboards, buy ...read more .



To Keep Up with Your Hobby, Extreme Skates Is Your Online Skateboard Shop Serving Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and All of Australia



Skateboarding is an extremely popular sport in Australia and those young and old in cities like Sydney and Melbourne find engaging in the sport to be a popular passtime. There are plenty of reasons why skateboarding has grown in ...read more .



Extreme Skates Has the best Skateboard Decks in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne - Basically All of Australia!



Having the most reliable equipment available means that you will be able to enjoy skating flawlessly. That's why you need to ensure you know where to look in Australia when the time comes to replace your deck. If you require some of ...read more .



For the Best Service in Online Skateboard Parts, Buy Extreme Skates



Extreme Skates is a family owned business operating for more than a decade in the skateboard industry. Our mission is to keep skating alive with the most knowledgeable and experienced team of skaters in Australia. When you buy from ...read more .



Longboard Decks Ship to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and more in Australia!



Do your friends call you the Brisbane Beach Cruiser, the Melbourne Monster, or the Sydney Skater? Are you learning to skate or been skating for years, or just looking for a really cool skater t-shirt? Whatever your needs are, Extreme ...read more .



Buy Discount Men's Skate Shoes Online in Australia



Our mission is to keep skating alive in Australia for a long time. Extreme Skates is a family business operating in Milton, Queensland, which has been in business for twelve years. We carry a wide variety of brands and equipment ...read more .



Whether You're Looking to Buy a Kids Scooter Online or One for an Adult You Can Find Quality Products at Extreme Skates



Scooters are a fun way to get around, whether you use them to commute or just as a way to ramp up your game at the skate park. There are scooters available for people of all ages, from kid-friendly scooters for younger individuals to ...read more .



Australian Online Skate Shops Can Set You Up with All the Gear You Need to Skate Like a Pro



There are a few things that are essential for every skater. Attitude is one of them. After all, you can't hit the skate park without the willingness to pick up a few bumps and bruises along the way. Another thing that's essential for any ...read more .

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